For one of the smaller rooms in the house, the bathroom or ensuite is definitely the most complex room to renovate. There are multiple trades which have to be coordinated in the correct sequence, to produce a room that is functional, compliant and visually stunning.

Items the owners will need to consider
– Floor and wall tiles
– Bath
– Toilet
– Vanity (Custom made or off shelf)
– Taps or flick mixes (vanity, bath, shower)
– Shower head, and/or hand held shower
– Shower screens (Fully framed, semi framed, or frameless)
– Towel rails, toilet roll holders, soap holders, door stop
– Mirror or mirrored cabinet
– Floor heat
– Heated towel rails
– Exhaust fans
– Doors and windows
– Skylights (manual or automated)

All bathroom renovations are different due to varying tastes and budgets, so your new bathroom my have some or all of the above items. Which ever is the case, we can assist you in product selection, to ensure they all go together to create a beautiful bathroom.