Decks and pergolas are a valuable addition to any property, adding outdoor living space to take advantage of our beautiful Sydney climate.

Some things to consider when planning a deck or pergola.

Is a DA or Complying development certificate required?
Certification will depend on the position of the deck or pergola, the size, and height of the structure. Some decks/Pergolas need no approval as they are classed as exempt development, while others require a complying development or full D.A submission.
You can check on your local council website, or go to…/exempt-development to check the exempt development guidelines.

What materials should be used to construct my new deck?
The most common materials used in deck construction are
– Hardwoods,
– Treated Pine
– Composite materials such as Modwood or similar
– Concrete and Tiles
– Compressed fibre cement sheet and tiles

The materials used will be a consideration of the look and feel you are trying to achieve as well as any environmental constraints. Decks in bushfire prone areas have restrictions on what kind of materials are able to be used. This is dictated by the BAL rating that your property is subject to.

What kind of handrail
If the deck is more than 1.0m off the natural ground level a handrail is required.
Common handrails include
– Powder coated aluminium
– Stainless steel wire cable
– Glass
– Timber

What kind of roofing
– Metal
– Tiles
– Polycarbonate
– Combination of metal and polycarbonate is sometimes used to promote light
into windows.

Screen materials can be
– Hardwood to match decking
– Powder coated aluminium
– Cladding
– Stone veneer
– Decorative panels